Jacaranda Ensemble     

PUBLIK 2007-02-01

PUBLIK 2007-02-01

Jacaranda Ensemble: Continental

Jacaranda is a tree. The delicate pink plant grows in South Africa, Brazil, and other southern regions of the earth.

But the Jacaranda Ensemble comes from the northern hemisphere and was founded in 1997 by five classical musicians from the Brandenburg Symphony Orchestra to combine widely separate musical worlds with each other.

Inspired by travels through foreign continents and driven by curiosity about exotic sounds, for this project the professional musicians exchange their normal wind instruments such as bassoon or French horn for saxophone, didgeridoo, and alphorn; the percussion instruments are complemented by vibraphone, marimba, and many non-European instruments. African rhythms, Latin American folklore, Asian meditation, and Baroque melodies are fused in mini-symphonies – some composed, some improvised – to serious global music in the best meaning of the word.

The quintet now fascinates audiences with a highly individual sound that could be the sound track for many movies. Guest performances in Los Angeles, Norway, or Estonia are as much a part of the calendar as the Christmas concert given by the president of Germany. This summer, concerts in China are planned. With Continental, this unusual ensemble’s third CD, you can also experience this acoustic adventure without borders. VICK