Jacaranda Ensemble

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... a curiosity such as the "Jacaranda Ensemble, arriving with two alpenhorns, has without a doubt made a lasting contribution to supressing the fear of the unknown with regard to uncustomary tones.  To promote the desire to listen rather than (droge) enlightenment--that is the recipe here.  And it seems to work:  The citizens of Brandenburg do not often so joyfully allow the night to become day.  What more could we wish for.
Albrecht Thiemann of the Maerkischen Allgemein Zeitung regarding a
concert by the Jacaranda Ensemble at the Festival of New Music at
the St.Paulikloster in Brandenburg, Germany (8/97)
    ... it is almost impossible to resist curiousity about the special combination of exotic instruments.   The Jacaranda Ensemble has succeeded in leading the observer and listener into an impressive, unusual, and above all unique tone world.

... so it remains on the record, the Jacaranda Ensemble has up to now been received enthusiastically by all.

        Nina Skurtveit on
Norwegian Radio in a special about the
Jacaranda Ensemble on NRK2.  (9/97)
   ...From the beginning, the soloists have devoted themselves to music which forges a bridge between the different cultures and the tone worlds of different peoples...

The five musicians understand the project as a glimpse beyond the limits of the classical work in the orchestra...

          Thomas Wachs in the Maerkischen Allegemeinen Zeitung on
"The Office of Culture and Jacaranda present a multimedia Project."  (8/99)
   With this courageous project, the State Office of Culture, as presenter, has contributed to the first high point of the festival ....
          Lutz Schumacher in the Berlin Morgenpost, 9/6/99, regarding
"Unda Orbis" at the Brandenburg Music Festival1999
   A program which goes down well, as the much celebrated concert a week ago in Brandenburg has shown.
     "Die Kleine Zeitung" (Austria), 9/10/99
 "Unda Orbis" is a truly fantastic concert......

To see listening and to listen seeing:  only thus can one understand this tone.

On the far side of space and time Jacaranda and Manfred Bockelman have created new dimensions........

Where before the darkness one stares spellbound at pictures which flow one after another, letting the emotions flow and feeling the meditative and calming richness of the sonority, which penetrate the ears through the foreign murmuring of the didgeridoo or the far eastern klang of the marimba.

          Jorg Durchstecher in the
Brandenburg Stadtkourier on 9/6/99 regarding a
              multimedia concert "Unda Orbis" on September 3 and 4, 1999.

   Even more visual stimulus could probably not have increased the experience....

           Jan Schulz in the
Brandenburger Wochenblatt (9/8/99) on the
multimedia concert "Unda Orbis" on September 3 and 4, 1999.
   The musicians have founded the group as a complement to their more regimented orchestral music.  The musicians experiment brilliantly with nature tones.....
      East German Radio Brandenburg (ORB) in collaboration with
DOKFilm Television Productions, Inc.,
for the broadcast "Querstrasse" on August 30, 1999.
   The split goes relatively far, not only in content and musicality, but also the locations of appearances.
      Radio Free Berlin (SFB), Radio Culture, in the broadcast
"Counterpoints" of January 9, 1999.

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